About Us


headerOur story doesn’t begin with J.P’s DoG House. It goes back a lot further and to us it is a bittersweet yet magical beginning. In 2002 I was living in Indianapolis, Indiana and Jimmy was living in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. We didn’t know each other but we were both suffering greatly from the devastating loss of our dogs. We both had lost them to an illness. My dog was “Alex” a male Shetland sheepdog who sang to his favorite song  ” I Will Always Love You”. Jimmy’s dog was J.J. an English cocker spaniel, his constant companion.

Back in Indiana I was spending a lot of my time on www.rainbowsbridge.com trying to work through my grief. I was corresponding to several others who needed support to get “through” it. I read people’s stories, poems, and spent time writing to Alex at his virtual cemetery plot. My grief was all consuming. One day I read a tribute about a persons English cocker. They told how he lay dying at the end of the bed and the horrible ride to the vet all the while pleading with JJ to hold on. The love, the grief and the emptiness mirrored my own feeling to the point where I touched my computer screen and sobbed, so wanting to reach out to help them know I understood. I didn’t know if a man or woman wrote this tribute but I went ahead and sent an e-sympathy card to the e-mail address that was provided. I was the ONLY one who responded.

We became friends in the months after that first contact which eventually led to a meeting, a long distance relationship, which eventually brought me to Bellingham, Washington. In February of 2007 we were married and we believe the plan J.J. and Alex had, became a reality. In their passing they both left us with a precious gift of finding each other. What were the odds we ever would have found each other without them.

Between the two of us now we had two female shelties ( mother,(Alex’s mate), and daughter) and another English cocker spaniel. Our lives evolved around our love for our dogs and now for so many other dogs too. In 2011 and 2012 we lost our two shelties. We adopted  a two year old  female sheltie named Sunshine in December of 2012. She is very appropriately named and has been a huge band aid for my heart!

We continue on with our doghouse since two of our dogs had food allergies. That is why it means so much to us to get our treats out there for other dogs to enjoy.  Our main desire is to make treats available to ALL dogs, not only because they  are healthy for them but are affordable. We always use the freshest ingredients and use natural and organic products. Our recipes are designed with your dog’s health and taste buds in mind. They like that part! They are good for dogs with food allergies because we never add wheat, corn, soy or salt and NO preservatives! Our treats are made in small batches and are hand rolled and cut out before baking. Then they go through a dehydration process that gives that crunch most dogs love and  a LONG shelf life. Most of the time though they are GONE long before they ever expire. The treats are very tasty to most dogs. However, like humans, some have a favorite flavor so we offer many choices and continue to strive to add new ones. We do strongly advise to always introduce any new treat slowly. This allows any system that may be sensitive enough time to get used to any ingredient that may be new to them. After a few days there shouldn’t be any problems. It is always good to have fresh water out for your pet too. So Bone-apple-treat! Your dog will love them and YOU can feel good about what your best friend is eating! We do!

Update: On October 5, 2014 we helped our dearest boy, Reno, to cross over to Rainbow Bridge. His health had declined to a point where he wouldn’t eat or drink. We knew it was time and loved him enough, as hard as it was, to let him go. We miss him and always will. R.I.P. dear one till we meet again!